Burn bin-file?



how can i burn this:
FILE rscmyu25.bin BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 0000



cdrwin can burn bin files
if you got a cue file…


ok…i have a cue-file, but cdrwin does not work with my mitsumi-cd-writer…:-((…
f… i. : any other possibilitys??

thankx anyway


Use Nero to open the bin image under the Burn Image feature. (It’ll probably be looking for an nrg file, so you’ll have to set it to all files, then open it). It will ask you to set up the properties for the foreign image, just set it to mode 2, then burn it. Hope it works, I had problems with CDRWin so I’ve done it this way twice, it worked both times.