Burn AVI to SVCD With Subtitles



I am newbie as u see:)
I would like to know if there is an easy way to burn an avi movie to svcd WITH subtitles.
I searched the internet and I found some tutorials saying you have to use 5-6 different programs…is it really that difficult?
If there is an easy way for a begginer tell me please:)


Depending on what your trying to do, it can be.
I had something recently where I had to installed vobsub, and ffshow to get the subtitles in

AVI TO sVCD did you do a search on the forum to see if the how to is here??


check http://www.doom9.org/mpg/dvd2svcd.htm

This guide explains how to convert a movie to SVCD using DVD2SVCD. (http://www.dvd2svcd.org/)
Don’t let the name of the program confuse you: The program is also capable of converting an AVI movie to SVCD.
It’s possible to add external subtitles to the movie. The option is hidden behind the “Go!” button.