Burn .avi file into VCD


 I have an .avi file which a movie. I wanted to burn it into 2 VCDs but its aspect ratio is 16:9. I have never burn a VCD before so I need your help. I chose Video CD in Nero 7.9.6 and on the right pane, I can only choose NTSC or PAL Encoder, but no 16:9 or similar. If I burn it into VCD with the NTSC encoding, will it affect the aspect ratio.

 My monitor is 4:3 resolution. As I play the .avi video in fullscreen, the screen has two thick black column at the top and bottom (which means true widescreen right?). So how can I preserve this 'viewing pleasure' after the burning? (I insert the VCD after burning, and how the video is played in full screen is as how it did as I play it using Windows Media Player, full screen.)

 One more thing, ignoring the aspect ratio part, I can't burn the file into a CD. I need 2 CD to fit in this movie. Will Nero ask for the second disc to burn the remaining part? What should I do?

 Got me? Lol. Thanks for help.

Use super or tmpgenc.

Thanks bro. But I used WinAVI Video Converter. It’s nice. Finally I can do what I want with it. Thanks.