Burn audio


What I have understod the lowest speed for burning with 321240 is 8X. Do any of you have had any problem with playing audio cds in car etc with that high speed for audio. What I have heard before 4x would be max for best sound.


I don’t have a problem with burning audio at speeds of much higher than 4x. The blanks I have are rated at 24x, but I leave the burner to work it out for itself.

Games I backup at 16x write speed as this gives the best duplication of SD 2.51. Going more than that I get occasional disk authentication failures when running from the burned disk.

lowering the speed when you burn audio cd’s highens the compatiblity when cd-players.

I use my yamaha 2100e at 2x or 4x to burn audio…

I am burning at 24x and i have yet to have a problem

it is not a problem to burn at higher speeds…but it can be for some stand alone cd players.