Burn AUDIO Errors with Nero7

Hi there,
I have Nero7 installed on a Windows XP 64 bit, AMD 3000+ 1.8ghz, 1GB DDR2-Dual platform with a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109 attached.

Since the upgrade from Version 6 to 7 I’ve been experiencing ongoing problems with burning Audio CDs. Every AUDIO CD I burn has a few of “Corrupted” trackes (The song jumps, or runs really fast). At first I thought it was the CD’s so I bought a new box of brand new cd-roms, but even still every AUDIO I burnt was playing with jumps and distorts.

Then it came to me it might be that my CPU spikes (Though it’s il-logical with a 1.8ghz and 1GB of RAM) so I booted my computer without any running programs(+Disabled Anti-Virus) and gave it another try… Still got “Jumps” and distorts in my audio tracks.

Thought it might be something about the caching of files on my HD before burn so I went to:
Options -> Cache
and changed “Minimum space on hard drive, which nero should use” from 16MB to 2MB.
Also went to:
Options -> Ultrabuffer
and changed it to “Manual Configuration”,“Data Buffer Size = 80MB” (Which is maximum allowed).
Gave it another test run… And again distorted and corrupted AUDIO cds!

I had to change from NERO 6 to NERO 7 because the previous version had “Writing Privialges” errors with Windows XP64 bit and when DEAMON TOOLS (4.03 or higher) were installed.
And now I’m completely puzzled :-\

Plz help.

All DATA discs I burn are in excellent condition.
The errors are only valid for AUDIO Cds.

I have the same problem using latest Nero with both my NEC burners 3520A and 4571A.

Data cds works fine…all audio cds jumps

Try Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). It’s free and a great little Audio CD burning app.