Burn audio CD help!


I have this audio CD that I burned onto CDR about a year back. Since then, I have misplaced the original CD…

The CDR is quite scratched however… When I tried to make a copy of it, I noticed at this particular position the song will skip a bit. However, on the original CDR itself, I don’t hear this skip at all. I have tried making a disc image to rule out media problem and the skip is still there…

Any ideas what’s wrong? I tried copying at 1x, 16x, 32x, 48x, and all gave me the same problem…

Any help would be appreciated!

Maybe try with a more tolerant reader, like a LiteOn drive. :slight_smile:

You could try ripping the tracks from the CD with Cdex or EAC. If you use wav output format then there’s no loss in quality.

I agree with Tim. Ther other advantage to using this method is that you can actualy LISTEN to the resultant .wav file and make sure it sounds right before you burn another useless copy.

DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) is another way of doing the same thing.


But I want it to be an exact replica of the original. Is there any way for Gracenote to recognise it?

Anyway I played the disc while copying it and the ‘skip’ doesn’t seem to be there anymore… Any idea why? It’s strange.