Burn at 1x

I have a Philips PBDV1640P and have crossed flashed it to BenQ DW1620A

The problem is that I want to burn disks at 1x. I know every body wants to burn at fast speeds, but I want to backup my Ps2 games. And if I burn them at a faster speed the games dont work.

I used to have a Pioneer DVD-RW and it burned them with no problems. but read the reviews on this site about the Philips, so got one

I have used different media but still no luck (DVD-R and DVD+R)

RiDisc DVD-R 1-4x 4.7GB
cheap DVD-R
cheap DVD+R
BenQ 8x DVD+R

Is it possible to burn at 1x with this drive?

no 1x is iceman age speeds…no longer avaliable…BenQ is not supporting burns @1x and medias @2x are also limited…go for 8x medias…and burn @8x speeds…

btw dun use cheap no brand media…will damage your PUH…MCC003 media code is recommended

If i burn any faster than 1x the games will not work


can you tell me how to flash back to Philips frimware

Use the WinDWFlash tool and the firmware P3.0 .cvt.
Later you can download the latest firmware P3.2.

Ot take a look at this site first

Curious if you have really tried a burn @ 2x to see what happens?

And most if not all 8X burners and faster do not support 1X anymore.

my ps2 works with benq dvd+r 8x overspeed @ 12x. mine is a US version 1, don’t think you can find pickier ps2 than mine. give it a try.

This sounds like it could be a media problem. Try some TYG02 at 8X and it should be fine.

Either you are wrong or firmware makers at BenQ/Philips have done a loop… :slight_smile:

OPTODISCK001    4x
OPTODISCK001    2x,1x
OPTODISCR004    4x,2x
OPTODISCR008    8x,6x,4x,2x

As you can see there is at least one 1x burn speed write strategy in B7T9 firmware.
Although, I dont recommend anybody to burn at this speed!

Regardless this, I agree with other posters in this thread regarding media. Get some decent DVD dash (DVD-R) media and use ala42´s MCSE tool to downgrade firmware media speed tables. :cool:

That myth again…


I have tried MCSE to downgrade media speed. But no luck. Think i might be doing something worng.

Followed the link and seen the quick guide.

I load up the B7T9.CTV firmware
Highlight My disk type (DVD-R RITEKGO40)
In the guide you change sometinhg in the Ext. box, but this is locked. So I click import and copy and paste the media code block
Then save the file and flash it using winflash

I know i’m going wrong somewere

First, “Ext.” box is grayed out for all DVD dash (-R/-RW) media…

Do like this.
Highlight RiTEKG04, rename in “Media Name” box to RITEKGX4. Push “Set” and confirm change.
Next, highligt RiTEKG05 (or -G06) and rename in Media Name box to RITEKG04. Again, push Set and confirm.
Finally save your new firmware to a folder of choice.

Good luck with your new 2.4x write strategy for RiTEKG04. :wink:

BTW, check out my 2.4 burn on this write strategy here.

Well I renamed the media and was able to burn the RITEKG04 disks at 2.4x speed. The Ps2 backup loaded but stopped playing a few minutes in to the game

Think i’ll try new media. What about these TY disks I have read so much about.

Can any one tell me were I can get hold of them for the best price? I live in the UK

Just one more thing, when i was burning the disks with DVD Decrypter some disks failed at around 97% and some disks speed dropped. Any idea why???


starfox_2100 try here in UK

may be a ps2 problem, if u dont mind void the warranty, open it up, tune the laser a little, or simply clean the lens with alcohol.

G04 is -R media and 2.4x is not suitable for -R media.
This is a bug in the firmware!