Burn and record parts of my own dvd for you tube

I have a DVD that was made from a VHS VIDEO.
This is a DVD of my own music show. I want to put parts of it on you tube.
Could someone please tell me what I need and how do I do that.
Do I need to copy the DVD First to my HD or how can I take just small clips from it to place on you tube or to send to friends.
Please keep it simple as I do not know a lot about computers.
I have tried everything I could to find to do that to no avail.
I know I’m old and stupid to computers but I reall would like to put a few of my songs on you tube.
I have a website and I want to put some on there too.
Someone placed one of my songs on you tube but I don’t know who.
This would be a big help for me and I appreicate any help you could give me
PLEASE email me with information, I have a problem finding this site sometime.
Email: philcay@yahoo,com
Once again Thanks in advance for any help yopu could give me.
Phil Cay