Burn an iso



I’ve downloaded the Windows XP ISO but it wasn’t
a CloneCD or CDRWin image as I expected but
an *.iso file. Which program do I need to burn
the image ???


isobuster, you can find it on www.cdrsoft.net


It looks IsoBuster isn’t burning software, is it ???


but it’s used to burn iso files :slight_smile:

check the cdr tools section


Use Discjuggler, you can burn almost any image format with that one


Let us get our facts right first.
Isobuster is a utility that allows you to extract files from disc images.
However it is not as good as CDMage - http://cdmage.cjb.net/
An .iso file is a CDRwin file.
Open “File Backup and Tools” and from the drop down menu select “Record an ISO9660 image file”.
Select your .iso and then press the “Start” button.


Thanks, Black Diamond !!!

Stupid that I didn’t figure that out myself :frowning:

by the way : Windows Whistler Beta 2 Build 2458
really runs smooth and looks like candy : colorfull
and sweet…