'Burn' an ISO to a hard disk



I have a CD image thats over 700MB ish and my writer might not support overburn so im not going to waste a CD in trying. I could write it to DVD but, again, its a bit of a waste.

Is there any software that will allow me to write a CD ISO image to a hard disk? It would be so much easier cos I have access to loads of empty HDDs.

I did search but im not really sure what im looking for so was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance, cheers guys.

Schiller :slight_smile:


You can mount the image with software like Daemon Tools

You can select Image Recorder in many software (like Nero), through wich it makes an image to your hard disk. But if you already have an image, I don’t understand why you would do this (as for images different options and limits may apply).

And an image may be ove 700 MB, but depending which program made the image (you must know this, you created it I assume), there may be additional information stored, that will not be burnt onto CD…So the image may be over 700MB, but the contents burnt to CD may not.


Thanks Taxman, i used Deamon Tools to mount the image.