Burn Ac3 5.1 files to audio-cd


ive dloaded 01-va-tiesto_in_concert-dts5.1-audiocd.ac3

which is a 5.1 ac3 file of a dvd with 5.1 sound. I read that u can just burn this to an audio-cd and play in a audiocdplayer connected to a 5.1 surround set.

But i cant seem to find out how to burn this file to a cd. Nero tells me i cant burn a file like this in audio-mode…

Please help :slight_smile:

Thnx in advance

To record a Red Book compliant CD with AC3 (or DTS) content, you have to inflate the AC3 files to WAVE file sizes with the correct headers.

The German magazine for computer technology c’t mentioned the tool BeSure (in conjunction with ac3enc) in their article “Raumklang im Eigenbau”, c’t 25/2003, page 233.

The AC3/DTS encoders SoftEnc (unfortunately discontinued) and
SurCode are able to produce these WAVE files directly, BTW.

Note: Be careful with such “special discs” when using them in
standard CD-players.
They could generate white noise thus damaging your speakers (apart from the fact that your ears won’t like it either :)).
Furthermore the c’t recommends to refrain from using the skipping feature of the player while playing an AC3/DTS disc to prevent click effects.

BeSweet is an audio transcoding tool. it lets you convert audio files from one format to another.
supported formats : MP3,AC3,WAV,MP2,AVI,Aiff,VOB,Ogg Vorbis.
BeSweet also includes some nice signal processing features :

  • One-pass & Two-pass Normalization. Dynamic Range Compression.
  • Sample-Rate Conversion. Frame-Rate Conversion (NTSC to PAL, etc’…)
  • Partial Encoding of long streams. Splitting & Merging audio streams.
  • Extraction of audio streams from AVI & VOBs.
  • Delay Correction. Silence Insertion.
  • Support for external plugins.

The whole transcoding process is done with floating-point arithmethics, reaching high-quality encodes.
No intermediate, temporary, files are being created by BeSweet while running. saving precious disk space.

(all taken from the website)