Burn a image with Blindwrite



I have make a image with blindwrite,from mine Onyx DVD
without a problem
But when i wil burn it ,the image is little to big.
What can i do?



Use ONLY BW to examine your image size! Just start your writing image wizard and see your image size summary prior to writing! You might have some different result there :slight_smile:



i ONLY use BW to examine mine image size,but BW won’t burn it
its a little too big.Think it is a protection on onyx.So what can i do


In the “selection” box, under “source” row you should be displayed the size:

  1. Whai is it?
  2. What message do you get in LOG after you press “write”?


Is it a movie or software DVD? If it’s a software DVD use aray www.aray-software.com to detect the used protection.