Burn a dvd with nero 6

Im just wondering what I have to go to, I have the files alrdy saved on my hdd from using dvd shrink. But I dont want to have to go through writing the files on my hdd to burn another copy.

Thanks guys, if you could get back to me asap that would be great

Here’s what I’ve done. Burning ROM, not the express mode.

Start nero, choose DVD-Video project option.

Choose what options you like (the defaults work, but I turn off the large filenames and stuff that might lead to incompatibility).

Hit new.

What you get is a destination directory on the left which has a VIDEO_TS directory.

Choose the Video_TS directory.

Now, drag the files in your hard drive’s VIDEO_TS directory into that one.


it’s even easier than that. just use any dvd-to-dvd copying program (such as nero’s disc copy mode).