Burn a DVD+R Verbatim 4x at 8x



Fist of all, excuse me, i’am French, so my english is not perfect.

I recently bought a Pioneer DVR-108. Before this one, I had a Liteon 411. I also had a lot of DVD+R 4x Verbatim.

I search a way to burn those DVD at higher speed, like 8x. I heard that it is possible. When I try to burn a DVD with Nero, I can’t go higher than 4x.

I missed something ?
Is ther a particular software to use ?


So is the media 4x?
If the media is 4x then it shouldnt be burned at 8x.
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But I read at many sites and boards that it’s possible…


To do so, you need to use hacked firmware. See this thread BUT take notice of the warning in the first post.


I forgot to tell you.

My Pioneer is seen as a Piodata.


It is possible but is likely just to get you a load of coasters, so I would not try it.
The old Verbitim 4x is gone now anyway, as most 4x media is dying away.

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Using my NEC 3500 external usb 8X DVD burner , along with Nero 6.3 , when I place a blank RIDATA 4X DVD+R 4.7G disk into the machine, it automatically sets my burning speed to 8X.
I have not done any firmware updates, however I did alot of research on recommended DVD media, and RIDATA was highly recommended. :cool:
cheers, ~pawprint~