Burn a disc as far as it will go, then put in another CD?

Hello everyone,

I am new here, and relatively new to CD burning. I have just downloaded a couple of audiobooks. I would love to burn them onto a CD, so I could listen to them in my car.

I tried to burn the audiobook on a CD, but, it said…put in a new disc with more storage capacity. The audiobook I was trying to burn would take at least 3 CD’s. What to do? Isn’t there a way to download and burn a disc as far as it will go, then put in another CD? There is no CD that would be as big as the audiobook.

Please help. This stinks.


You’ll probably have to use an audio editing program to split the file into CD-sized chunks (~650 MB each). Then burn them individually…

What format is the book in. If they are CDA like a music CD they could be recoded to fit on one CD. Just vocals should’nt use much of a bit rate.

I’m not sure what format the book is in. What are the names of some appropriate audio editing programs that I could look at? Thanks again, Cindy

Audacity would be a logical choice (and it’s free :wink: ). What is the extension of the audiobook files you have on your PC? We don’t need to know the actual names, but are they like ****.mp3 or ****.wav or something else?

They are MP3 if that helps any!

Well, then there’s an even simpler program to cut them to the desired size, called mp3DirectCut. Just download and run from the executable, no installation required. Depending on the bitrate of the mp3, you’ll have to determine the size of the chunks that will fit on a 700MB CD, after decompressing the mp3. For music, mp3 size is roughly 1/10th of the corresponding CD size, but for speech this can be much lower still, so the mp3 size you cut may have to be 50MB or less to fit. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. Thanks for the responses. I found something called Audiobook Cutter and it was so simple, that even I managed it! It worked great and now I have the audiobook of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I’m kind of excited I figured it out. Now that I have, I anticipate I’ll have a good-sized audiobook collection! It’s a blast figuring out how to do these things. I have a nice computer and probably don’t use half the features for lack of knowledge. Thanks again everyone, Cindy :slight_smile:

@CindyW: You were given the benefit of the doubt over this audiobook; however the title you were trying to burn is apparently protected by copyright and we cannot find legitimate downloading sources. Please do not ask for help with illegally-acquired titles again :cop:.

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