Burn a blu-ray main movie only



Ok I want to back-up some of my blu-ray movies. Specifically trying Batman begins. The disc itself is 33 GB fulling ripped from AnyDVD. The main movie .m2ts file is 23 GB so I want to just burn that to my BD-R and play it on my playstation. I’ve read many people’s posts but just can’t find one that helps me do this. Anyone have any suggestions.


If you are certain that the entire movie is contained in that one m2ts file this isn’t hard at all. Might look at the movie with BDInfo to make sure.

Assuming it is in the one file, TsMuxer can take the m2ts file and output as a complete blu ray disk. Import the m2ts file into TsMuxer, deselect (uncheck) the parts you don’t want, like foreign language tracks, or redundant audio tracks, click on Create Blu-Ray disk in the Output section, set an output folder on your hard drive and hit Start Muxing to begin the process.

You’ll need ImgBurn to do the actual burning to the BD-R disk. Import the new files into ImgBurn, set it to use UDF 2.5, make a label, set your burning speed and click on the disk icon to start burning.

BDInfo, tsMuxeR and ImgBurn are all free to download and use.


Pls let us know how you get on with this.


Ok so I gave this a try. Its the first time I got something to play with PowerDVD but the video is very jerky and barley watchable I read on another post that this has occured with tsmuxer sometimes. The actual .m2ts file that was outputted from tsmuxer seems to play just fine though. Any suggestions?


What speed did you burn the disk? What brand of disk?

I personally haven’t had problems with the output from tsMuxeR, but I have a very limited experience with it yet.


I was just mounting it on my computer to make sure the image played like a bdmv. Once I burned it, it worked fine on my ps3. Thanks for all your help.