Burn 800mb cd

Trying to burn 800mb cd with recordnow software
but the software can see only 700mb, any solution ?

From my FAQ in the Lite-On forum:

Q: Help, my 90/99/100 minutes discs is not detected as 90/99/100 minutes long!!!
A: That is due to limitations in the CD-Standards, they may be detected as 10 minutes, 15minutes 80minutes and something else. You have to overburn to get the full size.

In Nero: Go to File–>Preferences–>Expert options–>Enable overburn and set the max overburn value to what you want.

Before writing:
Under the multisession tab: Tick “No multisession”
Under the burn tab: Choose “Disc-at-Once” and tick “finalize CD”.

Now click burn and you will be asked if you want to overburn.

You MUST have a program AND a writer that supports overburning to be able to write 90/99/100minutes CD-R discs.