Burn 4x cd?

how can i burn an image to cd in 4x??are there any properties i have to change?there is only 8x as minimum.when i go at data type settings i change the write speed but it doesn’t do anything.

Does your writer support burning to a cd at speeds of lower than 8x? Many don’t.

really??o don’t know.it’s nec nd 3540a.some games want to write them with 4x to bypass the protection.damn!!

Pick up a cheap LiteON CD burner if possible, I think they write at 4x (mine does).

Whatever for? There’s nothing magical about writing a CD-R at 4x speed or lower, and modern drives rarely perform at their best at that speed.

If you want to burn older low-speed media, or if you have reason to believe that the disc shouldn’t be written at high speed (e.g. to reduce jitter) then use 8x or 16x speed which should be possible on almost all current drives.

There’s an old myth that writing CD/DVD media at the lowest speed somehow magically improves the quality or is somehow more precise. This myth is false with modern drives.

Unless there is some hardcoded limit in your copying/burning application that demands to write a disc at 4x, then just write at the suggested 8x speed instead and see how that works. If that doesn’t produce a working copy of your disc, there’s very little chance that this would improve by writing at a lower speed; another drive might be better at copying a copy-protected game disc however, if that is what you’re trying to do.