Burn 3 movies on one dvd?

Hi, I downloaded Blade Runner, Tron, and Miami Vice tv pilot and they were all AVI. I used VSO Convert to DVD to convert them to DVD compliant mpeg2 video, ac3 audio, 48 Khz stereo, for burning to DVD. I chose low quality fast encoding for all of them and burned them to DVD (total size was 4.3 gb or about 1.3 gb for each movie-no menus or chapters). I used Cheetah dvd burner to burn them to DVD and when I put them in DVD player only one movie plays and I fast forward to next movie but only the same movie plays again. I press menu on remote but only get “root menu”? But when I put the DVD in my computer I can play all three movies by selecting their separate folders. Also, when I burned them, they were in 3 seperate folders with different names(I dragged over Blade Runner folder, then Miami Vice folder, then Tron folder and they were listed separately).Should select cache before burning-does this help? Or am I doing something else wrong? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

I also had converted three other movies from AVI to VCD template for burning using Allok software and they totalled about 5.5 hours or 4.2 GBs and all three burned onto one 4.7 GB DVD-R and all three movies played on my dvd player- any connection ie. burning VCD template onto DVD vs. buring DVD mpeg2 template onto DVD?

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