Burn 3 DVDs at a time

Hi guys, I know that this is a video-centric website but some of you may know of a solution.

At work we create backups nightly and we are supposed to burn a one-day snapshot of them once a week. A full backup set is typically 4 DVDs (we use winrar to span them), and we need to make 3 copies of each. One copy stays in the office safe and two copies go home with various executives for additional redundancy.

Is there any solution which will allow us to burn 3 DVDs of the same file at a time? I was looking into the DVD Duplicators, but those need a source DVD, which almost defeats the purpose of investing into one for our needs.

Are there any USB duplicators or something of that nature that would allow me to burn 3 copies of the same rar file at a time?


There’s no practical way to do 3 simultaneous burns of the same project unless you have 3 identical burners on 3 separate IDE channels (or 3 SATA ports). If you’re burning 3 different discs, it would also likely require 3 separate hard drives as sources.

The simplest way is to just set your burning program to create 3 copies, then feed it the blanks. A duplicator would be terribly cost-ineffective for only 3 copies.

Personally, I would consider 3 external hard drives to be used in the same way. Probably cheaper in the long run too. If you’re creating actual images of your system drive, then just copy the image to the external drives. This would offer the option of taking the external drive and installing it internally for faster restoration of the image without an operating system being functional. Some imaging software will also support external hard drives for restoring the image.

I’ll add that a dedicated hard drive in the system for storing image files is nearly 100% safe and effective, with external and off-site storage for redundancy.

We just had a similar post like 2 days ago about 4 burners! I recommend reading more but anyways welcome to the forum!

Many duplicators can be interfaced with your PC … Effectively allowing you to transfer the image to an onboard HDD and then to spin off teh 3 copies.

Multiple burning seems to be a sore subject and no matter how hard you look there isn’t a definitive answer on here … I’ve tried to find it!!

But like someone said … Its a VERY cost ineffective solution to buy in a duplicator to only make 3 discs per week :slight_smile:

I have a duplicator that wac only 200 dollars, it is cost effective if you mean in time spending doing so, I save alot of time using duplicator while doing other stuff on the computer. Too me if very cost effective!

If you are burning exactly the same file(s) to multiple DVDs, it’s possible to do this simultaneously using the multiple recorder option in Nero.

Depending on your system setup and depending on your particular DVD burners, you may be restricted in the achievable burning speed.

On an older Pentium 4 2.8 GHz system burning from an internal harddrive, I can make simultaneous burns at 8x to two internal DVD burners of different brands that are Master/Slave on the same channel, so I’d say it’s definitly within the realm of possibility with the right setup to burn to three different burners at the same time at a reasonable speed, and the burners don’t necessarily have to be identical, although it’s more likely to work well if they are.

I tested a BenQ DW1620 and Pioneer DVR-111L on the same channel, the BenQ using 8x P-CAV and the Pioneer using 8x Z-CLV. Burning time 9:34 including lead-in/out. Results were good.

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