Burn 3 different movie images at once



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i have 3 pioneer 215BK sata burners
i wanna burn 3 diferent movies from my hdd they are images by the way.
ok i can do 2 separate images no probs all day and all night but when i do 3 bufffer dies and comes back all the time and takes ages

how can i fix this problem
what hardware would be needed

right now my comp specs are

core 2 duo 6300 cpu
gigabyte 965p-s3 rev1.0 mb
2gb ram
raptor 10k 74gb hdd for windows (iam running xp x64 sp2)
and all my imges i burn are in my 750gb sata 2 seagate hdd

i was thinking to raid 2 750 gbs hdds and get a bigger psu but i really dont wanna waste my money

so can some proffecional please help me
even if i have to change burning software its cool just wanna make it work


Raid won’t help. Get a second drive or two and use a separate drive for each burner.


2 burns per hard drive is pretty well it, if you want 3 or 4, you need another drive. I burned 4 off 2 hard drives Single Layer & Dual Layer & 5 off 3 hard drives Dual Layer.