Burn 3 different DVDs at the same time?

I know Nero can make multiple copies of the same DVD but, assuming one has the necessary number of burners (and, I’m guessing, the necessary processing power), is there any software that can burn 3 different DVDs at the same time?

Since Nero seems to utilize 100% of my CPU, I’m guessing I can’t run 3 separate instances of it, correct?

This was discussed on one of the forums a while ago regarding two burners and conclusion was that, if both burners are same model and firmware, than Nero will burn to both at the same time.
If this works for two, I think it should work for three, if the conditions are the same.

Two separate instances of Nero? Seriously?

[QUOTE=scott123;2116190]Two separate instances of Nero? Seriously?[/QUOTE]

I hope you did not mean two different files to each drive.
All the discussion was about [B]one[/B] file to two drives at the same time.

I know this is not Nero, but it might give you some insight.



ImgBurn allows multiple instances.


Hmmmm… so I’m guessing multiple instances is considered extreme burning, huh?

I know that the dropping prices on HDs are causing many users to burn less, but, considering the sheer magnitude of files being shared, I have no doubt that there’s still a tremendous amount of burning going on. Considering this, I’m really surprised that no one has optimized multi DVD burns on the software side. Is Nero just too complacent?

Given the bloated installs and resource demands of Nero, I’m surprised anyone is still using it…

olyteddy : What other software that does bitsetting wold U suggest other then Nero & ingburn

Who needs anything other than imgburn?

I Do