I recently purchased a Lite-On IHAS422 burner that has a dvd 24x write specification. When I burn a 16x dvd media the maximum burn speed that is selectable is 16x. How do I get the unit to burn at the faster speeds (24x)?
I was hoping I did not have to fool with the firmware, but using Nero the firmware version is listed as ZLIV I think…
Thanks in advance for all replies.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.:iagree:

Hi and Welcome!

any speed above 16x is “overspeeding”, i.e. writing at a higher speed than the given media is certified for.
This overspeeding works only for a few high quality blank media, either from Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

It is good for big marketing figures (and perhaps for the ego), but in real world application, such an overspeed is not recommended. Most users prefer 8x or 12x