Burn 2 at once?

I always burn 2 copies of every disc - work requires a working and a backup of the data we produce. Currently I tell Nero to burn 2 copies and have to give it a new blank when the first is done.

If I add a second IDE writer to the burning machine, will Nero let me burn the same data to both discs at the same time? Currently I’m using an LG GSA-4163B - and I have several more of them floating around in other machines. I could easily sacrifice the writer from another machine and add to this one.

I’m using Nero 6 Express which came with a writer.

If Nero won’t do it, what software might?

I’m not sure if the Express license will allow burning to muliple burners at the same time, but the full version of Nero will.

I dont often do it myself because the speed isnt anything to write home about, ie attempting a 8x burn on 2 drive ends up with a burn speed around 4.2-4.7x. Maybe if the drives matched the results may be a little better, but I’ve not the money or the inclination to try.