Burn 1x

my english is very poor sorry :bow:
i like burn 1x with my plextor 810sa,because when burn game 4x
the ps2 work slow and stop,i was thinking plextor 760 or older model

games that problem:

San Andreas
Burnout takedown

please help me :bow:

I don’t think that is possible to burn at 1x, surely not with recent burners.

Probably the ps2 has difficulties in reading discs because you use low quality discs. Try to use Verbatim discs, this should solve :slight_smile:

i am trying the backup for second once , i have used verbatim,but how i known if is the good backup(copied) if the quality?:rolleyes:

sorry my english :bow:

Maybe the problem is not the media. The PX-810SA is no real Plextor. I know the real Plextor DVD burners make good CD burns with even bad media.
I’m a lucky guy since I do not have the PX-810SA since this is no real Plextor…

If you also have an other burner you may try this burner.

the backup is perfect, i am happy
a lot of thanks you are crack:bow::bow::bow: