Buring videos on my computer to work on my DVD Player

Hi there guys, I’m new around here and need some help with something.

I have a Panasonic DVD/CD Player DVD-R32 192 kHz/24bit AUDIO D/A Converter and I have a bunch of movies on my computer. Some are AVI files because I made them into smaller files in order to store all of them on my computer. But now I want to take these files and put them on DVD’s so I can play them on my TV. (just like a regular DVD-disc, like the kind u buy at the store)
I have used RecordNow! (which came with my computer) to DVD these files and such but nothing i do works. Everytime I successfully a disc it never works on the DVD-player.
I used two different kinds of disc DVD+R and DVD-R and it still didnt work. I took a piture of the packaging of teh dics to show you guys.
Which one shoudl I use or are they the wrong discs to be using.
I need to know like step by step (like which program I shoudl use to burn) what I should do to get these movies working on my DVD player for my Television. My friend was also telling me that I may need an adapter to get this to work on my TV? Mabye this is the problem???
Please and Thankyou!!!

What burner do you have?
What program(s) are you using to try to convert them to a DVD compatible format?

I have never seen or used the First one called Pine but have used TDK and it’s not the best and not the worst. Try burning it at 8 x and see how you go :slight_smile:

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Try to use either NeroVision or Nero Recode from full version Nero Program( must have plug-ins for for conversion to right video format) also try to use DVD-R from brand name like sony, Verbatim, Maxell or Fuji.

As Fuji is now showing up with Ritek dyes I don’t think this is a good recommendation.

You are right I was refering to Fuji MIJ not any other places.