Buring from disc to disc... is it SAFE?


Lets say that i have some low quality dicks with an important data on them…
so i want to copy the data from the low quality CD to the high quality CD…

So i’m asking:

Will the data will be damaged during the burning process?
I want to do copy from disc to disc, if i’ll try to copy the data to the comp and than to burn it, it will take me years…

The data i’m talking about is including Avi. files, softwares, images, App. mp3 and more like that…
Will thw quality of the avi. files will be damaged? or the MP3? images ot the different App? :confused:

Please answer, Thx. :kiss:

(Im using Nero

Hello and welcome to the forum.
The short answer is no, the data on the original disc will not be affected by the copy process.
If the original disc is hard to read due to deterioration or there is any data loss on that disc there may be a problem for the file being copied to the new cd.
If you have a problem with the disc getting bad by the minute and you have so many that it is going to take you days to do it I would copy them straight away.
You can copy on the fly (disc to disc) just make sure that the best reader is used to copy from. Clonecd or copy disc in alcohol should do it ok.
Make sure that the surfaces of the old and new discs are clean as possible for best results.
If you find some discs with lost files or they are difficult to read leave them to one side until you have copied the rest and then put the bad disc back in the drive and try iso buster, you may be able to reclaim the files.
Good luck.

My men,

Thx for answering me, but what i asked is: Wil the Data on the burned disc will be damaged? Of course the original will stay good, will the data on the copy disc will be good or lose some the the qulity?

When the source disc start to give problems in reading, this is not due to a corruption of data on the disc, but to a corruption of the media on which data are located.

If you are able to copy all data on your harddrive and then burn on another disc, then all data will be safe, and without any corruption.

Is this that you asked?

Yep… something like that… THX bro