Buring dvdrips to dvd-rw

I just recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7. I have been getting Ripped DVD’s from BTjunkie then downloading them through Bit Lord. When the movie is done I use the Windows DVD Maker to put them on disc. The problem I am having is when I watch the DVD on the computer from the file it plays in widescreen and looks normal, but when I burn the file to a DVD-RW and put it in my DVD player it plays in a streched out full screen mode of sorts looking all funny. I am not sure if its the burning program or if I need to doing any kind of converting or what. Any help would be helfully.

ps. for anyone that has suggestions please explain because I know more than the average computer user, but not even close to being a techie, haha

You should be aware that we cannot help with any videos or software that has been downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. That includes the vast majority of material available through torrents.

Saying that you are downloading “ripped dvds” through the torrents puts you over the edge of what we can tolerate in discussions in these forums. It is possible you are downloading legal materials, but very, very unlikely.

Therefore I am closing this thread. If you would like to show some examples of legal downloads you have been working with, please feel free to send me a pm with that evidence.

In the meantime, please review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected material. http://club.myce.com/f34/announcement-rules-forum-some-tips-guidelines.html