Buring avi files to disc



Hi, I’m wondering if someone can assist me.
I have downloaded a film to watch but would like to burn it to a disc. The film is an avi file. I’m using Microsoft DVD maker, do I need to convert the avi file for me to play it on a regular DVD player? My dvd is a phillips and states that it can play DIVX extensions - does that apply to avi files as avi is an extension of DIVX?

Cheers Michelle :eek:


windows movie maker will only let you convert to mpeg2, not divx. You will need favc, convertx2dvd, or others, to burn to divx.



Thanx awfully for that… M :smiley:


Alternatively you can buy a standalone able to read also AVI files. Nowadays these are not so hard to find, and prices are not really high :slight_smile: