Buring AVI and WMV directly to CD

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to burn AVI- and WMV-files to CD without having to convert them first? I mean, by using NERO of course. So, burn them to CD as they are and after having burned them, being able to look at them directly from CD again. Normally using WMP.
Thanks in advance…

Plextor 48/24/48A

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If the files are playable in Windows Media Player before burning, they will be playable from the CDR after burning.

Just burn them as ISO 9660 (Data) Mode 1 Joliet Disk-at-once recordings.

Create the CD just as you would create a data CD for backing up stuff, then drag the AVI & WMV files across to the left column and that should work.

Don’t choose ‘Video CD’ or ‘Super Video CD’ if you simply want to store them on a CD. By choosing these Video CD options is basically telling Nero a Video CD compliant CD for use in a Video CD player (and most DVD players), i.e. convert them to MPEG if they are not already MPEG.