Buring audio CD from FLAC files in NERO

I want to burn audio cd’s from my collection of FLAC files. I believe I need to create a new entry under preferances, file types.
Extension .flac
Track Type audio
Format little Endian
Filter Name need help here
Dectect Size need help here
Add File type need help here
My understanding from NERO’s convoluted directions is that by setting up this info I can burn audio CD’s directly from FLAC files. Information from page 33 of the NeroLINUX quick start guide.


Any luck in getting this working? I too have some FLAC files that I would like to convert automatically before they are burnt to a CD.



The easiest way would be to dump them manually to wav and burn those. The other way would be to get their file-length (time) and process that like ogg in your preferences, but I have no experience with flac, so I cannot really help you there. With ogg oggtst outputs info, which is grepped for “length”. That info is multiplied by something-or-other which then tells Nero how long the song is. Also you will need to have some dumping tool to dump the flac on-the-fly to stdout.

So, as I was saying … the easiest way is to manually dump the file to wav :wink:

No not yet. It seems like ti should be stright forward, if I could just fill in the missing fields in the Nero preferances.

Well it would be cool IF nero included all these things native (mp3 support, ogg etc etc) like they do in the windows version.

How to install plugins: http://www.bitburners.com/Nero_Audio_Plugins/

We are talking about the Linux version of Nero. It does not support Windows audio plugins!