Buring 4x media at 2x with questionable results

I’m using Nero 6.311 and a LiteOn 812 w/ USON firmware. Up till yesterday I had been using Ritek G04 with fine results 20-25PI / 2-5PO at 4x. However I picked up some Prodisc S03 and hit a snag. At 4x the error levels are really low through most of the disc but shoot up too 300PI/24PO near the end. I tried to burn again at 2x and got 75PI/10PO. The 4x seems to play fine but I’m thinking it might cause problems in older DVD players. I am wondering what would be the better choice to burn at 4x and ignore the high errors at the end or at 2x? Also is there any other option I am missing?

Many DVD-R behave this way, G04 is well known for it. Some DVD+R do it too.
Burn it at the speed that gives you the best results on your drive.

Thanks for the information, but which is the best result? At 4x the scan up to about 80% is better than 2x. Its the last 20% or so I’m wondering about.

Your 2nd scan is better, but that last 20% or so would cause my dvd player(s) to have seizures though, because of the high PO’s.

Out of curiosity I scanned both discs at 2x. The 4x burn tuned up double the error count in both PI/PO and followed the same curve, while the 2x burn cut the error count by 2/3 in both PI/PO and gave a more level curve. Does that mean my 4x burn is worse than I thought, while the 2x burn is better?

Hmm. Have you see this?

No I hadn’t seen that article yet. Intresting reading, since then I have switched the DVD burner from Slave to Master which made quite a change. My 2x and 4x scans of the same disc are now simular to each other. The writing has also improved though only by a small amount. I still have the problem with the last 20% at 4x but I’m tossing that up to a media issue. The 3 full discs at 2x I’ve since done have been averaging 23PI .02PO and the one disc I did at 4x with 3.9GB had max 12PI .02PO. Now if it could only keep that through the whole disc wouldn’t that be nice.