Buring 13 mpegs (~6hrs.) On a 4.7g dvd?



I want to burn 13 mpeg on a single dvd, i tryed it with nero adding along a title.I tried to make it as a vcd but buring on a dvd. In This case with the formatting it would take me 26hrs. This is insane and my computer might freeze or something, right? Can anyone teach me how i can make a burn this 13 mpeg (a title would be great) on to a dvd with the min. amount of time possible. Thankz for your time :slight_smile:


What CPU - on my 3.2 P4, encoding MPEG2 (DVB) to VCD only took 30 minutes for a 1 hour program.

The first thing I would be looking at, is making a compatible re-encode of each file, so that you don’t end up with one really big job in Nero.

This mentions getting 7 hours on a DVD

Might be worth checking this out

  • still getting to grips with it


6 hours on 1 dvd5 might not give you a good quality. Better to spend money on dvd-dl or just 2 dvd5’s.
avidemux works great for me when doing avi2mpeg2. Resizing the screensize might allow you to put more on a dvd5. Or encode it to svcd-mpeg2 and then use dvd-lab to put the svcd-mpeg2 on dvd. I know this way it is possible to put approx 6 hours on a dvd5



I tryed to encode it with imtoo but the time it takes is enormous.

How can i burn it treating these 13 files as to burn a vcd with out encoding it and keeping it at a mpeg file? Ts there such way by nero, if no is there any porg. that can do this?


With a fair bit of tinkering, AVIDEMUX can encode various formats

If you want to squeeze a lot of video on, then reducing to Half-D1 resolution or lower may be required.
Shows the valid standard DVD resolutions…
As you’re in an NTSC region, that would be:
720 x 480 pixels MPEG2 (Called Full-D1)
704 x 480 pixels MPEG2
352 x 480 pixels MPEG2 (Called Half-D1, same as the CVD Standard)
352 x 240 pixels MPEG2
352 x 240 pixels MPEG1 (Same as the VCD Standard)

  • the lowest resulutions are basically VCD standard and VCD size with MPEG2 encoding
    SVCD resolution is NOT a DVD standard

What size and format are they already encoded in?


You could author the MPEGs in something like TMPGEnc DVD Author (if they’re already compliant!) and save, ignore filesize warning. Then open the authored DVD files in DVDRebuilder and re-encode at half D1. If you use Cinema Craft Encoder, I’d expect it to take 8-9 hours or so on a fairly recent machine, perhaps double that with QuEnc. That’s assuming you don’t fiddle with the defaults. :wink: Quality should be acceptable if the source files are good. That’s the method I’d prefer, but there are many other ways to do it.

If the files are NOT compliant, you should re-encode to half D1, in which case you might as well get the bitrate correct without having to recompress later. Six hours would run about 1,560 kbit/s video if you used AC3 at 128 kbit/s. If the source files are crappy, better to just go with VCD resolution. Good luck. :slight_smile:


I had a 25mb avi file that I encoded to mpeg2 and burned to a single dvd. The encoding time took a little over 3 hrs. DVD played, but quality was poor.
I ended up editing it down to two seperate movies, and it worked great. I used Mainconcept to encode…


Mainconcept should be able to produce a very good quality mpeg2. 3 hours for 25mb is a bit long though. Did the video get resized or where some black borders added?

Resizing to dvd standard might reduce quality. I prefer to add borders and keep the original size to keep quality.

You might try QuEnc also… which is a free encoder together with perhaps TheFilmMachine it can ouput svcd/dvd mpegs (or even vob files)