BUP files necessary or not?

I’m trying to backup a DVD but Decrypter is having real trouble with a BUP file - yes, I have it on agressive mode so it keeps attempting, but it just KEEPS going.

All I know is that it contains data for VOB files, like a backup or something… would someone mind explaining what exactly they do and if i need to keep the file, or can I skip it?

.bup files are just identical copies of the .ifo files, you can skip them and create them later yourself (copy the .ifo file and rename it).

REALLY?! That’s excellent - thanks!! Do I just give it the identical name but whack .bup on the end instead of .ifo?


So VIDEO_SNOTBAG.IFO can be copied and then renamed to VIDEO_SNOTBAG.BUP. :slight_smile: