Buning OGM Video files

Well, I’ve got these Video OGM files that I’d like to burn directly to Disc with English Subtitles or convert to DVD and burn afterward with English Subtitles as well, and have been running around google for a few days now looking for how to do this, and I finally just decided to ask here.

So I’ve got these files, and I’ve got a DVD Burner, and I’ve got Window XP SP2. The OGM files actually have Japanese language only, and optional English subtitles. My question to you, is that can I edit out certain parts of the OGM files, and then burn them to the DVD with English subtitles support? I know I’m being really difficult and picky, but it really doesn’t even have to have menus or anything. I just want to select language, subtitles, and then the chapter. PLEASE, HELP ME OUT
Thank you so much!

Start on videohelp.com or doom9.org

Couldn’t Convertxtodvd simply do it? they seem to claim to on their advertising.