Bunch of questions about DVD

First off I’d like to say I hate posted here for a long time but I had to stop because a tumor was discovered into my brain. So for a while I could not stand any video, audio coming from speakers, nor computer monitor. And I am still trying to put back my life together, which I hope will get done shortly.l I used to post under the name Bloody Aztec.

I fortunately found an LCD monitor which allows me to view very little content, but hey it’s better than nothing. :slight_smile: I’m stil addicted to recording technologies, especially now since I pretty much cannot do anything else. I refrain into my house against my will to protect my senses before my medication takes all that bad, bad neuropathic pain away.

And I am burning hundreds of DVD-Rs, here are my questions. :slight_smile:

I hate DVD+R. I will only buy DVD+R DL discs if DVD-R DL does not comes out inexpensively, and then again. I burn on DVD-R only. Having the highest possible burn speed does not matters much to me, I prefer to burn at lower speeds to get a better burn quality. I have a Pioneer DVR-108 currently, and I mostly burn on MCC, Ritek, and TDK, and I really like it. But I need a new drive. Currently, DVD-R DL is in limbo, so I will just ignore it for now. :wink:

Here are my questions:

-Which DVD Recorder has got the best writing quality on DVD-R media? I don’t care much about a great compatibility.
-Which DVD Recorder would be the most quiet one at burning and especially reading DVDs?
-Which DVD Recorder would be the most quiet one at burning and especially (again yes!) reading CDs?
-Which brands would be the most durable ones?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Sorry I made a blunder, this should be in the recording forum instead. Sorry. :frowning:

Could some kind moderator please move this topic into it’s appropriate section, please? :slight_smile: