BUMA/STEMRA is writing letters



I just posted the article BUMA/STEMRA is writing letters.

Majapro used our newssubmit to tell us that some friend of his got an email from BUMA/STEMRA (Dutch copyrights association) about him using Napster and downloading MP3 files.

Since the mail is…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1495-BUMA_STEMRA-is-writing-letters.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1495-BUMA_STEMRA-is-writing-letters.html)

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I knew it was a good thing not to do much ‘net surfing on Sunday. God knows how many April Fools’ “jokes” I’ve run into this day. Christ, people will believe anything just because it’s on the Internet. :r


fout… zelfst voor eigen gebruik is het NIET toegestaan om een muziek cd te kopieren. maar je hebt wat de buma mail betreft waarschijnlijk wel gelijk of zal de buma 14 jarige jongens in dienst hebben…?


De Nederlandse tekst staat vol met spellingsfouten, alsof BUMA niet eerst hun mail checkt op zulke fouten, tttttsssss. Het zal je misschien verbazen, maar niet alles wat op het net staat is waar, zeker niet op 1 april…


As far as I know, in HOLLAND it’s still legal to copy a music CD for personal use (altough you have to copy it from the original)… I don’t believe it either but ok… you never know… I think somebody found out about Ghostmail…


yes it IS legal to make your OWN backup from an audio cd… and this mail IS fake because BUMA is not taking any real actions against napster users yet… (according to BUMA self…)


1 april joke ! Look here : http://www.webwereld.nl/nav/n?7174


scaremongering or april fool yeah.


First of all, it’s NOT illegal to make copies for your own personal use! It doesn’t matter if you copy your OWN original CD to Tape, CD or MP3. There’s no law which can prevent or stop you from doing this…BUT if you lend this to other people, you (technically) can be sued. If BUMA should ever do this, it’s more than likely that they will be called of by the European Court of by the manafacturers of CDWriters/CDR(W)/Tape. They could be held responsible for making the equipment (Philips/Sony/etc.) to copy your CD’s and even advertise with it! So don’t worry… :7 :8


It is NOT illigal to make MP3s as long as you have the ORIGINAL CD! and it is ILLIGAL to GET personal info from a ISP!! :frowning: When do they learn??


I own everything on my computer… :stuck_out_tongue: I just cant prove it! :8