Bullying Forum

Hi there, i have set up a forum for people with bullying problems, with the aim of helping them, people can post as guests and will get help from a select number of gurus. Does anyone think that this is a good idea???

Please visit it Here,

Rob :slight_smile:

yes i think its a very good idea & good luck.

Thanks for your support


Is bullying a wide-spread problem? Is it limited to kids, or adults too? I have a 4-year old boy & a 2-year old girl - neither is in school (or preschool). When does it become an issue?

good luck will spread the word were i can

Oh, didn’t read the question properly before voting :o . (thought you meant a forum for users to bully each others, famewar!)

It could be a good idea for Moms and Dads that have kids that are victims of it.

good idea well done:D

Good job… you’ll help a lot of people.

Only post a message if you think it is relevent;

Please use proper English, all text speak will be converted

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll kick that bullies a$$

Proper way to handle a Bully. It is better then any forum. Kick him in the blls. And I will whip anybody’s as that doesn’t agree with me. :cop:

Ahh poetic justice. The typical Bully is dumb as rocks. The one in my school got a job dismantleing propane tanks after completing high school. The schmuck (? - sorry) neglected to use the pneumatic saw (blows N2 over blade to prevent sparks or some such) one day and blew himself in two. I know it is not very kind of me, but I was not terribly upset over it. (Darwinism works!!!)

Many people think that bullying is limited to just kids/teens, but it can also happen to adults at the office/workplace ect.
Im not sure how bad it is in other countries but in the uk bullying is a big problem.

On another note, do any of you lot know how to best promote a site like this (the local schools are handing out posters), because if we really promote this them more people will join and more problems will be solved.(at the moment im trying to get the bbc to endorse this idea).

Many thanks for all your support,

Rob Knight ehh…
you betta not be the Rob Knight I know :wink:

Depends which one, My name is Robert Knight, i live in Chandlers Ford (near Southampton), i do highboard diving, im 14 and i go to Toynbee School.

I know it shouldn’t be funny, but it is! :iagree: We’re all far too P.C. now anyway. :wink:

Ah ok, the Robert Knight I know lives in Charlbury (Oxfordshire), and is also 14.

Ben :slight_smile:

I think it is a very good problem, for various reasons: support, learning, protection etc. Let’s hope that makes this world a better place!

Me too.

I want such a forum to bully new members who raise there post count with nothing to contribute. :stuck_out_tongue: