Hello anybody,

Is there a way to connect to my ftp server program at home? I mean administration of bulletproof via internet explorer for instance.


just use an ftp server program that supports remote administration , serv-u/blackmoon/filezilla they all support it and filezilla is freeware , but i dont think any of em allow you to do that via internet explorer or any other browser, its done from the ftp server program itself so it must be installed in both … , you can also keep on using bulletproof and use a remote desktop administration software like ultravnc/remote administrator but it will probably be easier & more comfortable to use an ftp server program that have built-in remote administration

Hi Easterbunny,
thnx for the info. I think I will probably switch to a ftp server program with built-in remote administration.

I see you know a lot about pc’s. Can you help me with another problem?
Under windows (yeah, that’s my first problem :stuck_out_tongue: ) I can’t switch between users.
Under configuration/users etc., I tried to turn on the option “use switching between users”, but after I click apply and return to that window, the option is turned off again.
I never heard of such an error in windows. I can’t find anything about this on the net!

Thank you in advance,

i think it is related to gruppolicy
Is your computer part of a domain?

sure , goto start–>run–>services.msc ,the startup for these services should be set to manual: Fast User Switching Compatibility/Terminal Services , restart after its done :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
I tried it. It works! Thnx easerbunny.