Bulldog begins pull-out of residential broadband



Bulldog is to pull the plug on its consumer broadband service.

The internet service provider (ISP) , which is owned by Cable & Wireless (C & W) will not actively seek to sign up any new customers to the loss-making service from 1 July.

The move comes despite the company spending millions recently on a high profile advertising campaign. Featuring actor Terence Stamp, it tells consumers that “the gate is open” for high-speed internet access.

However, Bulldog said the 140,000 people already using the service will continue to be provided with a service and they shouldn’t see any difference.

Although C & W is axing around 140 sales and marketing jobs, a representative told Computeractive that customer and technical support will continue as normal.

“Things such as billing function and technical support will remain the same and customers should see no change,” the company said.

However the company warned that its current consumers could find themselves ‘sold’ to another ISP. It said it would consider approaches from other companies to buy the customer database. How it said it couldn’t say how this would affect current customers.

“At the moment customers who are signed up for a 12-month contract will have to honour this. We can’t say what will happen if another company buys the database because terms and conditions may be different for them, which could affect this,” Bulldog told us.

C&W now intends to concentrate on providing a wholesale service to other ISPs. It has invested heavily in local loop unbundling. It already has its equipment in 411 exchanges and intends to continue with its plan to have 800 exchanges unbundled by September.



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