after having loads of trouble with my old burner, samsung, trying to find the best media, I purchased a quantity of 50 bulkpaq dvds… they were terrible… I ended up buying a new burner… its great, but dont like the bulkpaq either… i paid £7.99… which aint too expensive… from a local market…every one was burn fail, on both drives… they even have marks on them like summat spilt, and gouges in some too, so I took them back to where I bought them… the guy, took them off me, did not return my money, and said they would have to test them… you can see by looking at them, that they are obviously rejects… he then said that they would phone me to let me know what there intensions were… gRRRRR… Ive been conned… so if anyone aint sure where to buy their media, if your like me, and finding your feet… DONT GET THEM OFF ANY MARKET>>> go to staples, they told me that anything I aint happy with, they will refund in full, even if ive opened them…great eh?

As a general rule, bulkpaq should only be used as coasters and frizbie’s. No point in trying to use them for burning data as all the ones I have are either very poor quality and unreliable or they just wont burn at all.

I know for a fact that the 8x DVD-r White top’s are fake TY media, the -R 4x yellow top are AN31 or fake TY and the +R 8x Red top are again fake TY.