Bulkpaq ProDisc S03 - Herrie's beta7 solved problem




I have got a spindle of Bulkpaq Prodisc S03 DVD-R media. When I burned them on my ND-2500A with HP bitsetting firmware 1.07, ALL of these media contained “unrecoverable read errors” after about 3.8 GB.

This has now been solved by Herrie’s beta7 firmware. I just burned a disc of the same spindle and had an almost completely linear graph in CD Speed. My Toshiba SD-M 1612 DVD-Rom was used as a reader and the reading speed was 12x.

Since I am not interested in speed, I’ll burn them @4x. That’s enough for me. My recommendation: The writing strategy for S03 media is perfect in beta7. Herrie can take it for his new firmware releases.


I just updated to Herries latest beta and now the discs run @8x. PERFECT RESULTS!!!

With the unmodified HP firmware 1.27: EVERY disc contained read errors after 3.8GB

With Herrie’s beta firmwares: NO SINGLE read error, even if burned @8x!!

Excellent work, Herrie. EXCELLENT! :smiley: