Bulkpaq and Sony 16x DVD-R faulty media

Hi all,

I recently bought a 25 cake of Bulkpaq 16x fully printable DVD-R and out of 8 of them I’ve managed to get 2 to work.

I bought them just after finishing a 25 cake of Verbatim DVD-R 16x without the slightest problems and since I bought them I’ve had nothing but issues.

They always seem to fail writing at around 80-88% and it’s not just on CloneDVD but I’ve tried DVDfab Express and they’re doing the same on there it’s just a different error message.

After wasting 5 discs and getting frustrated at not having the receipt for them, I went out and bought a 25 cake of Sony DVD-R 16x and I’ve tried 2 and they seem to be doing the same thing!

Has anyone else had this problem, or can anyone else suggest anything?



Bulkpaq is low quality media! I’m not so sure about Sony though.
Please post the mediacode of the Bulkpaqs…

Welcome to CDF, Portland Bill! :slight_smile:

If they work well, I’d stick to the Verbs.

As mentioned the MID of those Bulkpaqs would be good (found under “Disc Info” in CD-DVDSpeed) :slight_smile:

Yes, I had thought the Bulkpaqs always seemed quite marginal as media from what was posted here at CDFreaks, and glad to see someone else remembered they were, as I wasn’t sure. Sorry you got burned though; I got burned with Ritek G05s for $44 once. :Z :Z :Z I feel your pain.

I dont think it matters about the MID of bulkpaq media. These days its either fake infosmart media or Z grade Optodisc crap.

Very good point. Even if the MID said something good, I’d steer clear :wink:

@Quema - “burned” :bigsmile:

@Portland Bill, the brand and model of your DVD burner (and perhaps firmware version) might also be relevant informaton - at least for explaining your problems with Sony 16x DVD-R media.

Bulkpaq media is generally considered poor quality but Sony works well for many users and not so well for others. Sony AccuCORE 16x DVD-R media works very nicely for me so far.

Yep many burners, even newer ones, have trouble with 16x Sony mewdia…

The sony discs are the AccuCORE 16x DVD-R but they just won’t have it.

I think I’m running a Pioneer 110D if that sounds right.

As far as MID or Mediacode go, I don’t know what you mean and there’s nothing actually written on the blank discs in the middle or anything and I threw out the label as I opened them. Will my computer tell me anywhere?

I think I’m just gonna have to write the Bukpaq’s off (No pun intended!) and accept my loss, and just buy some more verbatim and keep the damned receipt this time.

I’m very disappointed about the sony ones though, I would never have expected that kind of failure from them…

The only thing that concerns me is that both brands seem to die at exactly the same area on the disc.

I’m trying burning to a DVD-RW to make sure it’s not my burner, but I’ve only had the thing a matter of months so surely that shouldn’t have gone already.

The Pio 110D is a good burner :iagree:

As for the MID (or mediacode) - if you download CD-DVD Speed, then pop one of those Bulkpaqs in, click on the Disc Info tab in CD-DVDSpeed, it should tell you the manufacturer and MID.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Good idea sticking to the Verbs - apart from Taiyo Yuden, they’re the ones most used around here!) :slight_smile:

The Bulkpaq could be very new - no mention on videohelp.com so far…

Try the Sony DVD+R with SONYD21 code. Those tend to work very well, even in burners that may not have a perfect firmware match.

I get pretty decent results with Sony 16x DVD-R AccuCORE discs as well :


However, mine come in jewel cases and are MIJ. I’m not sure if yours is the same stuff.

Mine are Made in Taiwan and come in 50pc cakeboxes, bought on-line from a shop in Germany.

I get scans that are comparable to yours - with somewhat higher PIE but also a little bit lower PIF. They don’t burn well enough at 16x for my taste so I limit them to 12x or 8x depending on the drive.

I’ve never used the MIJ SONY16D1, but the MIT ones in jewel cases I tried worked just fine at max speed on my burners. I think Sony DVD-R media, whether MIT or MIJ deserves a place along with Maxell, TY and Mitsubishi media.

Ok, the MID on the Bulkpaq ones is TTH02 with unknown manufacturer, and the Sony ones are manufacturer unknown also but their MID is SONY16D1 is that’s any help.

My burner is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110D 1.17 if that’s any help too.


I’ve used Sony D21 DVD+R media , and PIF wise , they are the [B]worst[/B]
Although MIJ , they tend to give ~ 3000 total PIF , the strange thing is that , they are [B]very[/B] consistant , burnt about 30 of them and always the same PIF range with both of my burners , although the Pio gives more PIE
TRT is always perfect though .

This is what I keep getting

The verbatim ones that worked perfectly were MCC03RG20 and my DVD-RW that work fine are Tuff Disc but also come up as Verbatim and are MKMA02. Does anyone think maybe reducing the drive speed will make a difference?

I’ve just updated the firmware from the Pioneer website to 1.41 instead of 1.17 which it was, so I’ll see if that makes a difference too.

minaelromany: Your error say “writedvd9” are you using a dual layer dvd ??

If not you might have a setting wrong, you need to change it to dvd5, sorry I’m at work
I can’t tell you the exact thing to do.