Bulkpac 8x dvd+rs work well on my nec 2500a



tried some bulkpac (princos) 8x dvd+r. these sofar burn at 8x useing the original 1.06 firmware. with dvd shrink they seem to give good results sofar.tried the datasafe 8x dvd-rs but because of the firmware only burn at 4xs.when i fell confident enough,i will try useing the 1.07b2v5.maybe after i have had the drive for a few months.these dvds seem to work ok on my yr old sharp combined drive dvd-vhs,which is picky with some dvdrs.i know princos are very unpredickable but so far on all my drives liteon and this new nec 2500a bulkpac reds 4x dvd-r and now the 8x dvd+rs seem to work for me.colin. a quick question the 1.07b2v5 firmware comes in winrar,is this easy to unpack for the future useing the trial winwar program.colin


Princo do not make +R media, hence the old saying the only good princo is a +R oneā€¦

I asked SVP yesterday about the dye for the Bulkpaq 8X +R media, they replied

The {DV 3120} Bulkpaq printable (8x) DVD+R is :-
Media code/Manufacturer ID PRODISC R03