Bulk (oem) vs. retail



is it true that bulk package contains less quality drive than retail (it’s about px-716a)?? i don’t need things i get with retail (netiher cables or software) because i’ve already got it so i decided to get bulk, but then people stated talking about this quality differeneces! thanx


drives in bulk or retail packages are the same !


I don’t think that bulk drives are less quality drives!


It might be possible that a give manufacturer has higher QC standards for drives that are aimed for the retail market … but since the retail market is decreasing (sales-wise, bulk drives are more & more in the majority with steady increasing market share), no serious manufacturer can really afford that.

I still buy retail drives due to the better packaging … I do not know how bulk drives are being shipped but I do know how retail drives are protected by their packaging … that simply makes me more confident and gives me a “warm, fuzzy feeling” …

A colleague of mine bought an OEM LiteOn SOHD-167T while I bought a retail version … the price difference was about 10€. My unit works like a charm while he already has his second RMA running …


I understand that OEM market has a lot more volume, so manufacturers would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t provide their OEM drives with the same quality as retail ones.

As for the OEM Lite-On vs. retail Lite-On … well, they are still Lite-Ons. =)
I bought an OEM NEC 3520A and it burns on par with my retail PX-712A that was twice the price, although the NEC is considerably noisier. Bought one for a buddy of mine. Two other friends bought four 3520s between them on my advice. All six drives were OEM. All four of us are happy.


Chances are, though, that OEM RMA-ing is done through the retailer while retail drives would be RMA’d through the manufacturer. Considering the checkered history of the 712’s and 716’s seen here at CDFreaks, that might matter a lot! Buying that low-price OEM from a fly-by-night operator might prove to be very expensive indeed.