Bulk DW1620 won't recognize DVD-R discs



It’s a new drive, and this is a very weird one. It burns and reads DVD+R and +RW discs no problem. It will even read a DVD-R that’s already been burned. However, it won’t recognize a blank DVD-R at all. If I pop in a blank DVD-R, it the activity light will blink and then go off and all softwares, including CDSpeed thinks the drive is empty. Weirder still is that even though the burned DVD-R discs will read in the drive, running DVD-Identifier on a previously written DVD-R gives me this:

Unable To Initialize Disc : Not ready - Medium not present [02/3A/00]

I’ve flashed it to G7V9, cross flashed it to B7V9, and have since gone back. Same results.

Media on hand that I’ve tried:


[li]SONY04D1 (BenQ)
[/li][li]RitekG04 (RiData)
[/li][li]ProdiscF01 (Smartbuy)


[li]SONY08D1 (Sony)
[/li][li]RitekR03 (RiData)
[/li][li]ProdiscR03 (SmartBuy)

All of this stuff is on BenQ’s recommended media list, so I’m pretty sure it’s not the media. When it comes to DVD-R discs, it’s not even producing coasters, it’s not letting me get that far.

Any ideas on what I can try?


Sounds like a bad drive. One of my new 1620’s would read and write dvd’s + and - but wouldn’t recognise cd’s. I exchanged it for a new one which is ok. Benq have quite a few quality control issues so it’s best to send it back for replacement.


Too weak power supplie…



I got the drive RMA’d. The tech didn’t say whether the drive was defective or not, but they swapped it with another. The new one is behaving the same way.

I’m guessing this means it’s a PSU issue. What should I look for in a PSU that will work with it?


Try it in another computer… then you’ll know. =)


Final Update:

Thanks everybody. I swapped out the PSU for a HEC 420W and the 1620 can see and burn DVD-R discs now. Yay!

Weird that the 1620 is so power sensitive. I have an NEC 3500 in the same system and it’s worked for nearly a year now without a problem using the old PSU. I wonder how many of the “defective” 1620s that got returned were just having indigestion from the power they were being fed.


I found the same thing, in fact mine wouldn’t even recognize any disc’s, CDR od DVDR. After I installed a new 600W PS I have had no problems at all. It is rather odd that a PS would cause that.


It’s interesting… I have a cheap 350W PSU and my Philips 1640P works without a problem for 6 months now (/me knocks on wood).


Some of those cheap PSU’s cant give out a good enough amount of amps at say 12V some are as low as 10-12amps on the 12v rail on a cheap 400W power supply and the rest is assigned to the 5v/3v Amperage.
On a good 400w power supply the rail should be 15+ amps at 12v. Or some cheap PSU’s cant even give out a stable voltage / amperage or it goes outside the standard. Your voltages should be either +5% or -5% in difference of the voltage output.

So +12v outputs say can be as low as 11.4 volts and as high as 12.6 volt outputs and still be within standard. On 5v output it can be as low as 4.75v output and as high as 5.25v output. A lot of new motherboards can monitor the voltages via bios or via software such as Easytune which comes with gigabytes boards.

If your voltages are outside this, your PSU is either Overloaded, Underloaded, Rubbish, Overheating, Wearing out and possible going to fail soon. If you have been having problems with certain drives / hardware things like this can explain a lot.


I was having a problem with DVD-R discs. I tried reflashing firmware and still got the same problem.

An hour ago, I tried switching the power connector (same PSU, different cable) and now it works perfectly! Hooray!


Don’t mess with your PSU guys!!! This is the most important device in your PCs. I have a Tagan 480 W since more than a year now, and since then my computer has been wonderfull.
I am amazed to see people with multiple drives and yet with a cheap PSU.


This might be true for +5V rail. But if you take a look at BenQ 1620 specification it says +/- 10% for 12V… :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting is also not all BenQ 16** are that power sensitive. Most probably due the quality of components used in some drives, read this.

Sidenote; I have no problem to run 4 optical drives and 3 big HHD’s with a quality 330W PSU. :slight_smile:


Yes thats for the drive but for the PSU to stay within sepcifications it should not be 5% ± difference for voltages.


Hmm, I just want to point out the specifications by BenQ while many members blame the PSU’s…
And in my opinion many of the “power supply” problems posted in this forum have nothing to do with the PSU beeing within the “specifications” or not. :smiley:


mm i do have same problem before but thats when BENQ 1620 share same power cord with LiteON DVDROM 165H…then the 1620 can not burn up to 16x only 13-14x…Media is RicohjpnR02 Orginal Ricoh Brand…

then i give 1620 a individual power cord …woo 16x all the way and the problem of -R no detect issue gone in the dust bin…

but my Power is an ANTEC true Blue 480W Lo…so whats the deal Lo…my psu is good enough but when share power cord with other device that make the variable in amps jumps so…??..this is my own experience …and i do took the Picture of the share power cord burn in 13-14x Lo…i’ll post later because the .png is at my sister PC lo…now in OZ is 12.54am…i don’t want to wake any one up Lo hehe


Sorry guys some how i lost my Ricoh 13x-14x burn Lo…i can’t show you the result Lo…

but its real happen to me Lo