Bulk DW1620 G7T9 firmware finally available

BenQ has finally released an official update beyond G7P9 for the bulk version of the DW1620 drives. It isn’t on the Canadian or US sites, but it is available on the UK site at:


Changelog is identical to the B7T9 firmware, as expected. This site appears to be updated much more frequently than the north american sites as it also has B7U9 available for download as well.

Can also be found here since a week ago.

Originally posted by corsan here.


My oem drive came today and had b7s9.

Welcome to BenQ camp… (remember you from Lite-On forum :wink: )

Your B7S9 firmware is good when using low quality media. But to get the best out of your new drive, upgrade is recommended to B7T9 or B7U9.
B7U9 will handle -R media quite good, but to be safe go for quality +R media.

BenQ firmware and utilities download (Europe)

Enjoy your new beauty. :slight_smile: