Bulk Double Layer DVD+R (Memorex)

Memorex is coming out with (might already be out) a 25 disk spindle of DVD+R DLs. Although I dislike the Memorex DL disks, I think this is an important step for double layer disks. Finally, they are starting to be sold in bulk quantity. In theory this will help drive down the price. More production means less cost per disk. :bow:

(Check the MSRP… Suggested Retail Price: $109.99 :Z )

Are any other companies selling DL disks in bulk. I can’t wait til these things are less than $1 per disk… :iagree:


Yeah, Memorex are all rebranded Riteks (at least the D/L discs) which aren’t the greatest but you are right that more competition and selling in larger quantities is a good thing. Now if Verbatim will just get on the ball with bumping up the production of their D/L discs. I also can’t wait for the D/L DVD-R discs which are due out any time now.

Nope, you can also find PHILIPSCD2 discs in Memorex DVD+R DL packaging.

I heard that for a short period they used that but they recently switched backed to Ritek.

Yep, but it will be back. :wink:

Is PHILIPSCD2 any better? The Riteks are nothing but junk.

Not sure, haven’t tested any myself yet.
RITEKD01 is much better than it used to be.
All the one’s that I have are pretty decent, but it depends on your writer also.
Not all burners can handle them…

I used the Ritek in my Nec 6500 DL burner , this burner can be changed to allow DL disks to burn as DVD-ROM and they play fine in what I’ve tried

Given the mixed results that people are getting, I won’t touch anything but a Verbatim at this point for D/L media.

Quality and support for RITEKD01 has definitely improved a lot. I wouldn’t tell anyone to avoid them. Of course the MKM001 discs are better and can be burned at higher speeds, but they also cost a lot more.