Bulk BenQ 1620 problem with Princo DVD-R Media



Yes I am very aware that this combination is not the best, It is even worse when you are doing it to an older system. But here is my problem:

I was given a Bulk BenQ 1620 to install into an old compaq persario. I managed to get it installed fine. Due to space issues I was forced to place it in a slave spot sharing a IDE cable with a CD-ROM. All in all the system is pretty poor. 1.3 Ghz P3 Processor, 128 MB SDRAM with 40 GB hard drive.

However When I tried using (the latest) Nero to copy a DVD, it created the image fine but once it hits 15-20% the disk stops spinning and minutes later the burn is failed. I tried using a few Matrix and one Ritek -R and they all encountered the same problem. I did manage to get a good burn out of it though from a Sony 4X DVD+RW. I have also tried crossflashing the drive with B7T9 but that has done little to help it.

So my question is, is there anything I can do to improve the quality of a BenQ 1620 with -R’s? If there is any form of PC upgrades Hardware or software that could fix this problem, and if not should I RMA this item? Normally I would just say get +R’s but he got the wrong media and bought in bulk.


I would guess that your problem is related to an old 40 pin cable, maybe PIO issues and probably the fact that the drive is trying to burn at 8X and cannot get throughput. With such a minimum system it is hard to say where to start. Have you tried to limit a burn to 2X?


Try to burn @4x and/or using firmware B7S9. I heard this firmware is design for crappy media.


Hmmm, you should have NO problems burning at 4 speed on a 1.3ghz P3 … I can do it even on an old duron 700. I also have no problems burning princo media (as bad as it is, since you can pull it apart quite easily with your fingernail. :/)

Check and make sure you are not running 200000000 programs in the background. Also check for viruses and spyware. If it still doesn’t work, try it in a newer, clean system. If it still doesn’t work, you have a dud drive. If it works in the clean system, then you might have a power supply problem in the old computer, or DMA problems.


I’ve tested a P3 933 with one of my BENQ 1620’s which could burn up to 12x speed using MAXELL & TAIYO YUDEN media…as suggested check to see the drive is in DMA MODE, try changing the ide cable and try using better dvd media like TY or MAXELL.


Thank you all for your support. Yes I think it might be the cable, if not that at least an unclean system. I’ll pick up an extra IDE cable today and preform a Restore to the system. Also I’ll try the B7S9, I will have to give that a shot.

I really hope it is something I could fix. I would not like to have to rip the drive out and send it back.


Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test. It should be about 20 MB/sec. Also check your DMA settings on both the harddisk and the benq.


I could not burn princos on any firmware The only way I can burn princos is to disable wopc


I have no problems on the princos I use … still poorly made disks that I wouldn’t trust for a second. But great for temp burns that only need to work for a few weeks.