Built my new i7 system today

Got all my parts today to build my i7 system today

i7 920 CPU

Gonna try overclocking it next week when I have off from work again

ASUS P6T SE LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

Seems like a good motherboard so far, don’t like where the fan power pins are located though it was a pain trying to figure out where to run the wires

ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2

Same cooler Dee bought, read some reviews saying the stock cooler runs hot so put this in, it huge didn’t know just how big until it showed up LOL

and an extra 4GB of Kingston RAM for a total of 12GB running at 1333

It is running on triple channel according to CPU-Z

While I was at it I decided to put Windows 7 Home Premium x64 since I had an OEM of Vista Ultimate x64 and didn’t feel like calling MS for a new key

Wow thats a crazy system :smiley:

What are you doing with all that ram? HD video editing?

I just loaded Win 7 Ultimate on a second drive, I like it so far.

Nice system MrPete.
I wouldn’t mind seeing some benchmarks of that setup.
Regarding the Artic Freezer 7 Pro. I thought it was quite compact for a 92mm cooling solution. :o
Certainly much more compact than those 120mm push pull coolers. :slight_smile:

So far the only thing close to a benchmark I have done is let windows rate my system what programs do you guys use to run benchmarks?

2 reasons for that much RAM I like to reencode blu-rays and because I can :smiley:

I have only ever use stock heat sinks before mostly from AMD

Here we go

Nice but what do you have for a graphics card? At least you didn’t buy the $999 I7 i don’t think thats even worth the money.

I love the V8/10 for cooling. Although liquid cooling is nice to i just hate replacing parts/liquid :confused:

ATI Radeon HD 4800

Ok I just over clocked this to 4ghz how do I check to make sure my system is stable?

OK ran prime95 at 4ghz and got an error after 2 min so I turned the cpu down to 3.3ghz and ran prime95 for 12 min with no errors

at 4ghz temps got into the mid 90s and at 3.3ghz they peaked at 88c seemed to stay at 86 though, now that my pc is idle the temps are about 45c

over clocked benchmark

Make sure all four of the pins on the cooler are snapped on.

they are once the thermal grease sets I think I will see lower temps

When the grease sets a little it will only be 1-2C max lowering.

You can maybe check the bios and make the fan run 100% always.

For such an overclock on an i7, you may need more cooling than a Artic Freezer 7 Pro. The freezer 7 pro is rated at 130W and that is the MAX TDP of the i7 at stock speed. So when you start to overclock it you draw more power and create more heat, so really the Freezer 7 pro may not allow 4Ghz on an i7.
The i5 on the other hand has a MAX TDP of 95W at stock speed, so i have a good deal of headroom for an overclock.

All is not lost though. :slight_smile:
Try setting the CPU core voltage manually. You’re at 1.32V at the moment.
Take it down a step at a time, until it becomes unstable, then take it back up a step or two until its stable.
To check if it’s stable, Prime 95 is a good check. If it will run Prime for 20 minutes you can be pretty sure the PC is stable for normal use (although overclockers will demand 24 hours).

Here is my bench.
GigaByte GA-P55A-UD4
Intel core i5 @3.8Ghz
GFX: ATi HD5770
4GB of Geil 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM (dual channel).